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Individual or business coaching and mentoring

Developing a growth mindset and appreciation for how to master our thinking, behaviours, habits and emotions is key to wellbeing. This applies equally to individuals and business. Team work, understanding goal setting, habits (how to make or break them), how to influence our neurology and act consciously are all aspects of the programs Linda delivers.


Key Objectives

I help individuals and Teams elevate in the following ways:

Empowering their Vision with a structured plan for growth.

Evolving old habits and behaviours towards success.

Energising engagement in business and life.

Evoking Ikigai (our reason for getting up in the morning) – and then designing a life to achieve it.

Participants will understand:

They have capacity to change the influence of any circumstance by focusing on the way they think and act.

Every day brings change and this can be perceived as threat or opportunity. It is our choice which we perceive.

Mind mastery and developing a growth mindset are equal acts of passion and compassion.

Building up and repurposing our thoughts, feelings and emotions is how we grow.

And much more.

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Dr Linda Wilson


M: 0412 568 503